Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The way my drawing relates to Durer's drawing is that all the line patterns came straight from his drawing.
What I might do next is to try and draw the lines exactly how he drew it with the same pressure and all.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Accomplished goals:

  • Emphasis
  • The part that was emphasized was the flower in the middle because is made the lines the darkest in the middle
  • Shapes
  • The shapes I drew were...
  • The Celtic Cross: I drew this because I am Irish and when I was younger I loved the Celtic Women and this reminded me of it.
  • A Flower: I drew this because when I was outside in Narragansett I saw a really pretty flower and this reminded me if it.
  • Tree/Sun: I drew this because in my back years there is the one tree right in the middle and the sun always shines brightly in my back yard.
  • Filled the page
  • I filled the page by making lines that go across the page and by copying the shape over and over again.
  • Movement
  • In this picture it looks like there is movement because of all the lines going across the page and it looks like the sun is moving because of all the line I drew around it.